About Outside

New age surrealism.

Turning ideas and emotions to the substance of words and colour and art

Bringing light and clarity to variation and choice.

Michael Jackson, 1979

Endeavor to be the children of NON-conformity

Living proof that acquiescence and conventionality stifle the human spirit

Our unique gifts are granted to us in order to change the world

Not continue the order of its mundane spin.

We are interpreters of the language of beauty and ingenuity

Weaving expression and imagination into what’s tangible and visible.

The log of the sun. 1906. Cover detail. Walter King Stone, illus.

Outside Studios is a Toronto based art house aimed to help you reach your higher self.

The Online Thrift

Experience thrifting clothes through a digital medium. Browse our catalogue of unique 1/1 second hand clothes. 

Each garment is imbued with history and a story, taken before the end of its life cycle and given an opportunity of rebirth (to you).

Expand Your Consciousness

Ideas to reflect on and provide guidance.