Identify Dark Energy and Heal Trauma

I wanted to make this post to give my thoughts on concepts I have been learning recently around energy work and awareness. Specifically that of low vibration energy and high vibration energy and how to identify negative energies and heal stored trauma in our bodies and mind.

My Experience:

The experience for me occurred when I started to go down a rabbit hole about spirituality, and some of the things that I learned had to do with the type of energies that surround and make up the world around us. I became more aware of what you would call “low vibration energy” when I was on a long streak of semen retention. When I would interact with things like nicotine, fast food, social media or porn, I would feel the high of these things like most people do (a dopamine rush), but I would become a lot more sensitive to the crash that happened right afterwards. And I noticed that these feelings would always seem to take 100x more than it gives, and was NEVER WORTH IT.

These are things I’m sure many of you guys already intuitively know about, so to make things short I observed that there was this low vibration energy within me that was craving similar energy, and that some of this LVE stemmed from traumatic events from childhood which I uncovered when I was doing some trauma release work. One thing I learned was that basically everyone has trauma, because trauma is based on perspective. A child getting yelled at by their parents can be traumatic because that child is completely vulnerable and dependent on their parents for survival. Same with getting lost in a mall or being laughed at in front of a class.

Mainstream Conditioning:

Going further down the rabbit hole I found most of mainstream society is pumping this LVE and is the main force running most people which is reflected when you see what things are popular and what things are selling. It’s more important than ever to keep retaining and stay grounded in your own energy to not fall for the distractions “out there”.

On this path things will become much more clear to you on what to avoid so you can ultimately help others who are on the descent due to mainstream conditioning.

If you would prefer to watch my deeper understanding on what trauma and LVE is using graphics and footage, here’s a 12 minute video of me explaining this whole thing to the best of my ability:

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